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Care and maintenance. How to keep your jewellery looking lovely!

It's best to store items in a box away from direct sunlight and dampness.

Avoid perfumed products coming into contact with your jewellery.


Linoleum can be cleaned using mild soap and a damp cloth. 

Sterling silver

Sterling silver is best cleaned with a silver cleaning cloth, mild soapy water or lemon juice. Dry with a soft cloth.

Oxidised silver

The blackened effect on sterling silver is achieved using liver of sulphur which creates a chemical process called oxidisation. The dark colour will not discolour clothes or cause irritation. Oxidised silver will gradually lighten over time as the piece is worn. Silver can be re-oxidised - I am happy to do this for free (buyer responsible for postage costs).

Magnetic brooches

The magnets in my jewellery are quite strong and have been designed to stick through thick sweatshirts without leaving a hole (as a traditional pin brooch would do). Slide the magnet before you attempt to lift it from the brooch, this should help prevent it from pinching your fingers! 

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